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frequently asked Questions

Q: Are you accepting new clients?


A: YES!! New clients can now use the "BOOK" tab (top right corner) to reserve a session under the "New  Client" category. Then, select either a Consultation (standalone) or full service which will include consultation, treatment and  style.


Q: Does my hair have to be straight to trim it?


A: No. It is able to be cut while it is in its curly, natural state.

Q: I need more help! How can I contact you directly with my questions?


A: You may send can write us in using the chat icon in the bottom corner or send your questions and/or pictures to us at

Q: I am transitioning, do I have to Big Chop?


A: No, we are able to transition you using "transitioning styles"


Q: I have heat damage. Do I have to big chop?


A: Heat damage is irreversible, however, you are able to transition you into a fully natural state using transitioning styles.

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