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Jameelah Evans is the founder/owner of TEXTURE Hair Care Center, where her team empowers and encourages natural-haired women through education. She is the daughter of Army retirees but native to Fayetteville, NC. She is an Alumna of Fayetteville State University and Paul Mitchell The School, with a bachelor's in Accounting and Cosmetology, respectively. Meelah ties her love for business and hair together in her one-of-a-kind salon center.


Being in business now for seven years has had its fair share of lessons, from having absolutely no clients fresh out of cosmetology school to opening a salon six months before a pandemic- forced closing. Through it all, Jameelah leans firmly on her ‘why’ to provide a welcoming space that serves the public while simultaneously pushing through generational curses to create wealth that can be passed down to her descendants. She hopes that her journey leads the way for the women she inspires and motivates. 

Meet Meelah

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